I was raised in a Christian home, and music was a huge part of my upbringing. We were very involved in our local church… I just knew that singing was a passion. And it was my expression of my love for Christ.

I have a passion for many different types of music; from contemporary, to chorale, to country.

Essentially “Grace That Chose Me” is about my adoption…

The reason behind shooting a music video of this song, is that it becomes so much more powerful when you can put imagery with the lyrics.

When you listen you’ll know it’s about adoption, but when you actually see the story unfold the whole picture is revealed. We were thrilled to include children from the Florida Baptist Children’s Home in the video to portray actual kids who long for “their” forever family. Little hearts praying “choose me”!! I love how God used me singing about my adoption, to bless and encourage the children with a renewed hope that their adoption is  near. That experience changed my life forever!