This was my very first album ever recorded.  It’s compiled of 10 songs, most of which are Traditional and Southern Gospel.  This album reflects the time of my life and the  

genre of music I started out with.  There’s nothing wrong with some good ole’ Southern Gospel to lift your spirits.

Me and God

This single is by far one of my most favorite songs I’ve written!  When we made the decision to write and record a Christmas song we wanted to go all out and make it worth our while to do just a “single”!  The song basically talks about how we as Christians have sat back and watched

the world take Christ out of Christmas.  We’ve allow it to become commercialized and about Santa and presents.  It’s time that we say “enough is enough” and take a stand and start a Christmas Revolution!

Christmas Revolution

This album is the essence of who I am and an ultimate “thank you” to my parents for choosing me to be a part of their family 28 years ago!  This was my very first “original” album that I co-wrote with my producer, Don Koch, out of!

Nashville, TN.  I learned a lot from this experience that has stretched me as an artist and I am forever grateful to my parents for allowing me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams

Grace That Chose Me

Love Is All About You CD

This album is so much more of who I am as a person and an artist.  I was able to really reach deep within and pull out a lot of my passion.  I am so excited to share this new album and the stories behind the songs!  So many

lives have changed in just the short time the album has been released and I couldn’t be happier!  There is so much more depth than I ever would have imagined for my second “original” album and I give God all of the credit!

1. Let’s All Get Together
2. Me and God
3. Willingly
4. Don’t You Wanna Go
5. New Day
6. Strong Enough
7. My Father’s Heart
8. I’ve Got Joy
9. Every Season
10. Amazing Grace

1. Christmas Revolution

1. A Whole Lot More of You
2. Perfectly Imperfect
3. Take Me To Holy Ground
4. Let Me Shine
5. Save The Day
6. Honestly
7. Sing
8. Free
9. Forgettable
10. Grace That Chose Me

1. Not Miss A Thing
2. Love Is All About You
3. Born To Run

4. Change
5. Love Divine
6. A Sister Needs Her Brother

Spoken For

New single release. Download today from Amazon and iTunes 1. Spoken For Music Click song title to hear a sample